Skid Steers


Imported American Briggs & Stratton Engine (or Kohler engine), Italy Valve, With Standard Bucket

Everun Skid Steers


Max Working Height 2128
Max Dump Height 1473
Total Height 1218
Max Pin Height 1869
Total Length With Bucket 2206mm
Highest Point Dump Distance 399mm
Length Without Bucket 1752mm
Bucket Width 980mm
Total Width 1060mm
Rollback of Bucket on Ground 25°
Departure Angle 10°
Rated Power 15.4KW(21HP)
Rated Speed 3300rpm
Noise 95Db
Hydraulic Pressure 17Mpa
Cycle Time 4.27, 1.34, 3.31s
Operating Load 200 kg
Bucket Capacity 0.15m3
Max Lifting Force 375 kg


Max Working Height 2355mm
Max Pin Height 2122mm
Max Dump Height 1976mm
Highest Point Discharge Distance 528mm
Bucket Swing Angle 43°
Bucket Unloading Angle 30°
Opening-Closing Angle 37°
Angle of Departure 30°
Total Height 1514mm
Height from the Ground 230mm
Wheelbase 1000mm
No Bucket Length 230mm
Total Length (With Bucket) 2438mm
Total Width 980mm
Bucket Width 1507mm
Rated Power 24.4kw+5%
Rotating Speed 2800rpm
Noise <95Db
Hydraulic System 20mpa
Max Lifting Force 320kg
Bucket Capacity 0.15m3
Max Lifting Power 827Lb
Speed 6km/h
Chevron Tire 180*72*40

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