Durability, reliability, and value for decades around the world.


CONVENTIONAL AUGERS - 10`` x 41ft and 10`` x 51ft

Farm King conventional augers have proved their durability, reliability, and value for decades around the world.

All Farm King conventional augers include the following items as standard – no hidden extras:


  • Kohler motor with electric start
  • Reversing gearbox
  • 25L Fuel tank
  • Battery
  • Poly drop chute
  • Poly hopper
  • WorkCover compliance including fully enclosed belt guards and safety switch


  • 3rd Wheel Manual Mover
  • Fully Hydraulic Mover, including: Hydraulic Winch, 2 wheel drive (on main 15″ wheels), Steerable axle for manoeuvrability, Rams on intake end for easier placement of auger into silos or on back of ute – turns a two man job into a safe one man job


SWING AWAY AUGER - 13`` x 85ft

Swing away augers are ideal for loading grain into silos and bunkers when a tractor is available. Farm King scissor lift undercarriage allows more reach than standard A-frame augers. Swing away augers can be fitted with Rodono Xtend for faster and more efficient unloading of bottom hopper grain trailers.


  • Suqare Flighting Couplers
  • Scissor Lift
  • Self-levelling Hopper
  • Standard Equipment:
  • Isolating Valve to prevent the auger from creeping down onto silo
  • Safety Flow Valve keeps the auger lowering at a predetermined speed
  • Hardened Pins on the undercarriage for strength
  • Tapered Roller Bearing at the top to take down force rather than roller bearing
  • Reversing Kit allows the auger to be cleaned or cleared of a choke
  • Poly Drop Chute


  • 1000 RPM Gearbox
  • Hydraulic Hopper Mover
  • Retracting Swing Auger
  • Steerable Axle

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