KWIK-TILL HSD2100 High Speed Tillage

20” Plain Flat Disc

17° front row angle, 14° back row angle, 10” spaced independent shank.

$25.00 per Hectare ( Dry hire )

$40.00 per Hectare ( Wet Hire )

Kwik Kleen 772 Hydraulic Grain Cleaner

Can be used for cleaning & sizing certain grains EG. Wheat, barley, Chick peas, etc

Variable speed control and grain feed adjustment

Machine Hire – $600 Per day

Screens Hire only – $300

Seed and Forage Bagger

Hydraulic brake System

9ft Tunnel suitable for 60m and 75m Bags

High capacity Filling Auger(220+ Tonnes per hour)

Hire Fees – $450 per Bag & $100 / Day for Bagger

Richiger E6910 Grain Bag Extractor Outloader

Suitable for 9FT Bags

Up to 350 Tonnes Per Hour

Minimum Power required 60HP

Hire Fees – $550 Per bag filled  & $100 Per day for Outloader

TTQ Deep Ripper

From Small to Huge, Shallow to Deep we’ve got deep ripping Shank systems to suit all conditions.

MTS- Designed for up to 450mm Deep Ripping

TTQ Agriculture Deep Rippers – SA Grain Services

Hire – $800 Per Day 

Notch Box Blades

Size 16 FT x 42 Inch High x 54 Inch Deep (Plus Various Sizes if available)

Tractor HP required 50hp – 500hp

Carries up to 100m3 of Dirt

Notch Box Blades – SA Grain Services

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