TTQ Agriculture Deep Ripper
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Custom Built, Heavy Duty Machinery

TTQ Deep Rippers

From small to huge, shallow to deep, we’ve got a range of deep ripping shank systems to suit all conditions!

We have shear pin and hydraulic options with a huge number of different sizes and even shapes of shanks so, if you don’t see it here, make sure you ask us for what you want.

The unique way we bolt our frames together means you can pretty much design your own rigs. We don’t have a range of fixed products that you have to try and make suit your operation – we make the machine to fit.

There are main sizes of shank:

  • MTS – designed for up to 450mm deep ripping
  • Raptor – designed for up to 600mm deep ripping
  • Super Raptor – designed for up to 800mm deep ripping

 These all come in either shear pin or hydraulic options with the following basic specs:

  • MTS – 2 ¼ inch cylinder with a 4500kg capacity which equates to approx. 1.8 tonne breakout at the tip
  • 4.5 tonne breakout on the shear pin
  • Raptor – 3 inch cylinder with 8,000kg capacity which equates to approx. 3.8 tonne breakout at the tip
  • 9 tonne shear pin breakout
  • Super Raptor – 4 inch cylinder with 14,000kg capacity which equates to over 5 tonne breakout at the tip
  • 10 tonne shear pin breakout
  • The Shank / Tyne

All of our shanks are cut from 450 grade ‘hardox’ which means they are incredibly strong – so strong that we will guarantee that you will never break a shank, ever!

As standard, we supply all machines with a semi-parabolic tyne which maximises cross fracture and minimises soil turnover. We can also provide parabolic tynes which whilst they are easier to pull, will bring more soil to the surface and will require a bigger ram on the hydraulic versions.

The standard shanks are machined with slots at the back of them to allow a large number of different types of attachments to be used from wings to fertiliser tubes.

They can also carry a number of different style of points and sweeps.

The Frame

As we’ve mentioned before, we have a unique method of making the frames of our rippers which not only ensures the most flexible layout but makes them incredibly strong and resistant to cracking!

We cut and fold high grade steel (of the type a truck chassis is made of) to form the spreaders. This makes them 5 times as strong as standard RHS used by most manufacturers.

The bars are generally made from either 178 x 178 x 9.5mm (7×7 inch) or from 200 x 300 x 12.5mm but we can make them from anything down to 4 inch bar if you don’t require such a heavy machine.

We have recently made machines as narrow as 3m and as wide as 15m!

Additional extras

We make a large range of rollers that can be attached to the rippers for different applications. They are usually hydraulically operated.

Heavy duty cage rollers using angle iron and solid drum rollers are the two most popular choices but we can make them to suit out of a number of materials in different diameters, widths and thicknesses!

Visit www.ttq.net.au/row-crop/deep-ripping for any further information.


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