G4 Super Mini Booster Portable Emergency Power Pack


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*Delivers instant cold crank power when you need it

*Has a fast, rechargeable long-life battery

*Is easy to handle, lightweight and extremely compact

*Is easy to store in your car, campervan, boat or jetski

*Fully charged you’ll get between 10 and 20 jump starts

*The 1200-Ampere battery can easily jump start any engine up to 6.5 litre (12 volts)

*For trucks and cars needing more power, theres the 12v and 24v Super Boosters

*Weighs only 4,9 kg with a 14AH high capacity

*The charger includes 2 powerful LED lights to see under the bonnet in the dark

*Comes with a mains charger, car charger and cigarette plug car adapter (If you don’t have a cigarette lighter in your car)

*1 year limited warranty