SuperVario® The 12 V universal spreader


The SuperVario® from LEHNER is a universal spreader for use in agriculture, with a 12 V drive for operation independent of other drives, such as the cardan shaft or hydraulics. This way, two work operations can frequently be combined into one, achieving long-term savings in cost and time.

The working width can be flexibly adjusted from 2 – 24 m by infinitely adjusting the speed of the SuperVario® spreading disc between 200 and 3000 rpm – all in comfort from the cab. In addition, the control panel comes with various monitoring features as standard, such as an empty indicator, automatic valve monitoring, etc.


Grasses, cover crops, slug pellets and other granules should be perfectly dosed and sprinkled.


SuperVario® offers, including:

  • Robust 12 V electric motor (300 W)
  • Hopper with relief roof and discharge spout for convenient and thorough residue emptying
  • Valve and spreading disc of non-rusting stainless steel
  • Control panel with 2-line graphic display (as standard) for stepless dosage control
  • Visual and acoustic fault indication on the control panel
  • 10-time autostart for agglomerated spreading material
  • Infinitely adjustable distributor blades for adjusting the spreading pattern – sideways spreading
  • Readiness (socket) for headland management available as standard
  • Tool-free hopper attachment/removal
  • Water-tight junction box
  • Device control according to JKI RiLi 3-1.0 incl. test seal and test report
Spreading width: 2 -24m
Motor power: 300 W
Speed range: 200 - 300 rpm
Fuse: 25 A
Power consumption: When starting, up to 24 A, normal operation up to 15 A
Operating voltage: 12 to 15 V
Operating temperature: -10 to +70 °C
Storage temperature: -30 to +70 °C
Battery cable: 5 m (4.0 mm2)
Control cable: 6m
fixed connection to spreader
cable to control panel
Connections: Power supply
Control cable
headland management socket

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