Blade 1000-LTX


Equipped with an 83h.p. 1000cc V-Twin engine, this machine is extremely impressive

ENGINE Blade 1000 LTX EPS is equipped with an 83 HP strong, tried and tested 997.1cc V-twin EFI engine and offers extreme acceleration along with an electronic fuel injection system that guarantees reliable starting, clean combustion and low fuel consumption. The reliable, robust & heavy-duty automatic transmission provides high torque and supreme traction with 4WD/2WD switchable and front/rear differential lock, coupled with unmatched higher ground clearance and 52°increased front approach angle the TGB Blade 1000 LTX is not for the faint hearted. More than 2,000 units have been sold annually.

SUSPENSION Double A-arm front and rear suspension delivers premium comfort and control in all conditions. Fully adjustable independent suspension on all TGB Blade with shocks mounted to the lower A-arm for maximum performance and a wider range of rider comfort. Fine-tune the suspension for individual riding styles and or load carrying.

STEEL FRONT & REAR RACKS Heavy-duty front and rear racks outperform composite racks and are easy to secure large loads with 75kg capacity on the rear and 45kg up front.

INSTRUMENT GAUGE Digital display features odometer, speedometer, trip odometer, RPM, EPS setting and fuel level. Surrounding the display are easy-to-identify indicators for transmission position, high temp, low battery, high beam, low oil pressure, check engine, 2wd/4wd and differential lock indicators.


    • Flooded Environments
    • Hill Climbing
    • Obstacles
    • Two Seater



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